Wednesday 23 February 2022

Valentine's Day 2022

Okay so look, I hold up my hand, I like Valentine's Day.  I really don't care that some people don't,  and think it is cheesy etc.  Me, I just feel it is nice to stop and celebrate someone else and your relationship together.

I think I make it easy for Patrick...every year I always say that all I need or want for Valentine's is a nice card and something heart shaped.  By SOMETHING, I mean CHOCOLATE. Lol

To be fair he always does something else nice: cooks a lovely dinner at home or brings me out for dinner.  Well, this year was something special and COOL. He ordered deep dish pizza from Chicago!!!
How awesome and fun is that!  And divine. It tasted divine.  My contribution was the bottle of wine....Eight Years in the Desert/Orin Swift.  And then of course chocolate dessert.

A wonderful February 14, 2022


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