Sunday 27 March 2022

St Patrick's Day 2022

I woke up to a photo of Enid on my phone.  She was again taking part in the parade as part of the Dublin Cycling Campaign group - if you do a search on my blog for "parade" you will see a few posts from past years when Enid and I have partook together.  She is dressed for the theme of Joycean/Bloomsday, and I am glad she is getting use out of my nice Peter O'Brien coat lol!

So I immediately rushed outside and took a photo outside my front door to send her.  We are nerdy like that, we like replicating each other's photos for fun.

I had only bought this dress the night before would you believe.  I got panicked that I should be wearing green to work, as I would in Ireland,and Ross Dress for Less came up with the goods in the shape of this Calvin Klein dress in a nice bright green.  I think it almost has a 1940's shape to it would you agree?  I also think all these photos show the difference in pictures when you move angles and stand up straighter etc etc!!

Represent! Here I am standing on the front steps of my workplace.  A few of these photos were posted on our social media pages and got good traction and reaction, so the trip to Ross ended up being worth it!

Yep! Definitely some angles better than others.  But I really just want to show you this dress and preserve it in a few different photos.

Later on, after work I met up with a visting friend from Ireland. Svetlana and her husband and friend had a little stopover in Key West before departing from Miami on a cruise ship.

Some of Enid's bike group crew.  Note the sunflowers and blue ribbon for Ukraine

Happy St Patrick's Day 2022!

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