Monday 5 December 2022

Christmas 2022 - preparations

For the first time in such a long time we will have guests for Christmas Day! Patrick's parents are here on the island for the whole month of December, and his sister and brother and wife are flying in for a week or so around Christmas.

Our plan is to do something totally different from the Irish or Canadian traditional Christmas Day dinner.  I find the weather, as beautiful as it is, really does not work for the big old Turkey and ham dinner etc etc.

We are working on....CRAB CLAWS! We are checking our trabs every week or two and we want to have a total of 21 claws which is 3 per person.  We have 17 so far so all is looking positive.

So! We will have a little smorgasbord of cheeses, crackers and Spanish ham and sausage etc prepared for the first course.  This will be laid out buffet style inside the house on the kitchen island.  When people arrive we will serve some festive beverages and people can help themselves to the board.

And then for the second course, the main act, we will head outdoors to eat.  We will serve the claws atop a big platter of ice and I will make key lime mustard to serve alongside.

I have some cute little Paul Costello paper napkins for drinks, some Christmassy red (Dunnes) for the cheese course and then some cute candy canes striped clith napkinsfor the main course

And I am excited to use my Spode crockery this year!  I bought it after last Christmas so this is the first time using it

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