Wednesday 13 September 2023

Saturday - a fabulous day

As usual, up early and out fishing.  We hit a spot early and hooked a mahi early but lost it just at the last moment before bringing on board.  Heartbreaking.  Looked big too!
Anyway 10 minutes later we caught this guy which we were very happy with.  Brought him home and filleted him for Sunday dinner.

I always get around Patrick by committing to getting up early for fishing (versus me laying in bed drinking coffee while I wake up), that in exchange he buys me a chicken sandwich for lunch.

Popeyes is back in Key West after some time being closed and I am so happy.  I get the spicy sandwich with EXTRA sauce. Mmmm.  Patrick gets the blackened (plain, not spicy)/

And then that evening we had the most beautiful evening in Bel Mare where we shared a bottle of one of our favourites (Orin Swift Locations - CA) and some fabulous food.

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