Monday 20 November 2023

November Rain

So, June is rainy season here in Key West.  But strangely, on Tuesday, we got the craziest rain ever - just like the Monsoon-like rain of June, but add in that it was cold!

It started early around 7am and looked like there was a break forecast around 9 so I figured I would wait and try go in then.  Now, alot of times when I am cycling in rain I wear old clothes and my rain jacket and bring a change in to work for the day.  It is anyone's guess why I did not do that on this day??

Instead, the second Patrick yelled at me there was a break and I should go, I jumped on my bike and off I went.  I was literally down the bottom of our street when it started bucketing, in fact more than bucketing.  At times it was so bad I could not see in front of me.

Anyway, dramatics aside, I made it in to work.  Absolutely soaked.  I was thinking what I might do....put a hotel robe on and throw my clothes in the dryer was one option but not the best I think you would agree.  Imagine sitting in your office in a robe!!!!  Ha! No thank you.  Next thing I was thinking was I'd ask Patrick to send me in clothes but who knows when he would be free to do that...

And then...right in front of the back office I spied a pair of sample housekeeping trousers and some sample bartender shirts.  Beggers can't be choosers.  This is what I spent the day in:

Bahahahahahahahahah!  Two of my Gen Z colleagues told me it was "verging on being on trend".  I think they were just being nice to me, feeling bad I had to wear old yokes for the day.

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