Monday 20 November 2023

Island Life

Friday night we met up for a (good) sushi date.  We have not had GOOD sushi for ages so when Patrick suggested we go to our favourite restaurant Origami, I didn't have to be asked twice.
It was a nice evening so we sat outside.  Plus I had forgot a cardigan/sweater so I didn't fancy sitting in AC for too long.  We reviewed the menu for a little bit - deciding on some new bits and pieces - drinks in hand and order in we sat back and relaxed.  And then, suddenly, the restaurant and indeed the whole island was pitched into blackness!  This sometimes happens - end of the line and all that.  But it had been a while since it happened in then evening time imo.  Ha! Of course our immediate concern was our food but jeez we got so lucky, it must have been just ready when the power went off because it arrived at our table a minute or two later.  We ate it, and enjoyed it, by the light from our bike lights which we had removed and brought in my purse.  How funny is that :)
Just as we got the bill the power came back on which was good because it was getting a bit complicated as they had to write down card and phone numbers etc etc.
Next day I found out the power was out all the way up to Big Pine.  It appears a turkey buzzard attacked a line and electrocuted itself.  Poor bird :(

Photo above was taken after power came back :)

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