Sunday 17 February 2013

That's Amore - Malahide village, Dublin

Last night we went out to eat with friends in That's Amore in Malahide.
That's Amore is a small "no frills" family friendly kind of restaurant which suited us down to the ground to have a quick bite with friends and catch up with them since we last saw them.
I was very impressed with the food I must say!
To start I had prawns in garlic & tomato sauce.  The sauce was incredible.  I dipped the bread in it but there was still a lot left over and I was almost tempted to ask for a spoon to drink it!!


A good stonebaked pizza with toppings of cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese. 
I do love parmesan cheese!
The only criticism of the pizza/topping was it was a little dry.  I think more sauce would have improved it a lot.  The pizza bread however was very nice - good flavour and texture.
With the above we had 2 bottles of red wine between four us.
I would have kind of liked to have  dessert after the above - particularly as I found the pizza a little dry.  But it was our friends treat and they were using a voucher for starters, main & wine so I decided not to order anything else - probably for the best anyway - bikini time in June!!!!
We then moved to Gibney's in Malahide for a few more sociables.  We got the dart back into Connolly and our train home - an hour in total - which wasn't the best, but wasn't the worst either.
An enjoyable night all round.


  1. Ooh, it DOES look yummy.
    The first photo looks like soup.
    Simply the best.
    Thank you!

  2. You should have put the sauce from your starter on your pizza!!!

  3. The pizza looks wonderful. I've never tasted prawns, but the photo of your dish looks very nice. Sounds like you had a nice evening with your friends.