Friday 15 February 2013

More beautiful wedding gowns....just because :-)

I have blogged before about a fab wedding dress shop that I pass on my way to work every morning.  They change their display fairly regularly and one of their dresses again caught my eye.
Again it has a vintage 1950's feel.  It very much reminds me of Kate Middleton's wedding dress.  But I think the belt on the dress makes it a bit funkier and a bit "cooler"

This dress was also in display.  It's very very nice but for my liking is just a little too classic and "safe".  But if you are looking for a beautiful classic dress this could be it.

Here is a link to the store.


  1. That first dress is like Catherine Middleton's

  2. Love the simplicity of this wedding gown. Big thanks for sharing this with us.