Sunday 22 September 2013

Clothes Swap Fundraiser

On Friday night I attended a really good night/event thrown by my Aunt Mary.

It was a "clothes swap" party to raise money for our local hospice.  The premise is simple - we all pay an entry fee of €10 and bring some nice pieces of clothing which are looking for a new home.

Although a simple premise, Mary still does a lot of work to host a lovely party evening as you can see.

The clothes!
Doesn't this look like a regular shop the way Mary has laid out all the clothes?!

To raise some additional money Mary also has a raffle with really great prices.
This year's first prize was this fabulous Guess handbag in the left of the photograph below.

A lucky dip with small prizes (some of the "booby prize standard" which is a bit of fun!)

Mary also has a fun game/auction at the end of the night.

On the front of the envelopes below are names of 3 guests.  Contained within the envelope is a photograph which could be a photo of  just one of those names or two, or all three. 
The envelopes tend to be from the 70's/80's/90's and are pretty horrendous/embarrassing/fun.

Therefore, if your name is on the front you really want that envelope to see the photograph before the other guests get their hands on it!!!
Bidding starts at 5/10cents and generally each photograph goes for about 50cents (it's informally capped at a euro or so).

It's a really fun event and again raises a bit more money.

Here are some photos from the "shopping" part of the night.

Enid & I found the twin section :-)

Kasey posing! :-)

Laura & her mam inspect a John Rocha coat.

Kasey & Enid in some "who wore it better" shots!

Mary (hostess) and her little helper running the auction.

Today at dinner my Nana told me that nearly €500 was raised for the hospice.
Well done Mary!  
A really fun night and a fantastic donation amount.


  1. Wow that's a great amount raised! We raised 200 euro for the hospice through our work coffee morning on Thursday.

  2. Wow you guys raised a good amount of money! And your mom did such a lovely job of decorating! Very nice set up :) Wish I could have joined you guys!

  3. I recognise that bag :( I guess my things all going to new homes! . Lydia

    1. I guess so Lyd! You don't use, you lose :-)