Saturday 28 September 2013

Drinks Cabinet/Home bar - DIY project

Step 1.  Chip off all the mosaic tiles from the counter which "somebody" ill-advisedly applied ;-)

Step 2.  Affix new wood countertop and "riser" - thank you "No More Nails" :-)

Cool story about the wood.
I posted on an Irish community forum and asked where I could buy "cut to measure" wood in my locality.  Received loads of helpful suggestions. But also received the offer from another poster that they would cut me the size I required from their leftover wood and they'd give it to me for nothing.
So I collected the wood from them this morning.
How nice!

Step 3. Spray paint black (two coats)

Step 4.  Screw on new handles (green crystal)


Flatpack drinks cabinet €25 (about 5 years ago in Centra, Cappamore. Ridiculously cheap)
Crystal knobs €5
Black spray €24
Wood €10 
TOTAL: €64 (yes, for real)


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