Sunday 6 March 2016

Summer camp 1998

In the summer of 1998 I spent a wonderful 3 months in Boca Raton, Florida working in a kid's summer camp. 
I was working as a lifeguard and swimming teacher so I was in my swimming togs out in the glorious Florida sun from 9am to 3pm every day. 
Then in the afternoon and evenings I was supervising and living with a small group of 9 year old girls who were in my "bunk".  I will be truthful here and say that that wasn't as glorious as my swimming pool experience.  Things were different from what I expected, and I found it tough. But with hindsight I also think I was a little young and if I was dealing with it now at the age of mid/late 30's I think I would handle things better.
I do love this photograph.  It was taken at the end of the summer.  It reminds me of  something from the Hayley Mills film "Parent Trap" and it did make me feel like I was living the "American Dream"
I met two of the most wonderful girls ever.  Taryn on the left from San Francisco, one of the most intelligent, energetic, enthusiastic and creative people I've ever met.  And Kedron from Ohio in the middle, again so intelligent, and sharp, and just so goddamn funny.  I was incredibly lucky to meet and click with these pair of wonderful women.  At the weekends when the children were gone home, we used to go to the mall (buy matching t-shirts as you can see!), go to bars and have fun...again it did feel very "American dream" or like I was living in a movie :-)
Myself and  Taryn after doing a swop of our clothes,  I am wearing her top and necklace, and she is wearing my teeshirt.  That t-shirt is from Kookai (I remember!) and it actually suits Taryn much better than I.
Heading out for the night! 
Probably to Sloppy Joes, or to this other place which was themed like a beach resort and the staff were dressed like lifeguards (I can't remember the name unfortunately)
The last day of camp posing in Craig's golf cart :-)
I love this!!!!!!
I think this is around 2002? Maybe 2003??  This is in San Francisco - on the pacific coast highway - when we had a mini reunion in Taryn's home town.  Kedron is pregrant with her daughter in this photograph so it's great pic to have I think.
I have great memories from this trip. 

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