Sunday 13 March 2016

Rock of Ages!

Road Trip!!
It was a really lovely sunny day yesterday in Dublin - just perfect for a road trip for Cousin Kasey, myself and Enid
When we arrived to Athlone we checked into our lodgings and then went for a stroll along the river.  The weather was not as bright as it was in Dublin but still nice and mild and it is beginning to feel like Spring.
Athlone was much more picturesque than I ever imagined - you can see the castle and a large church (cathedral even?) in the background.
While on our walk I got a call from mam who said that she was with Dad and Faith in Sean's Bar, so we headed down to see them.
We had one drink in Sean's Bar and as time was getting on (the show was on at 8pm) we said we'd head back to Murphy's Law where we were staying for some food and to get ready.
'twas just pub grub but surprisingly good.  Nice presentation too!
From there we headed to the theatre which conveniently was just 2 minutes walk
The set - exactly like the London and Dublin productions
The show itself was PHENOMENAL!  Athlone Musical Society can be very very proud of themselves.  As you may know Enid and I have seen the London production and the Dublin production and the Athlone version stands up very well to them.  Of course Katie was incredible (I am not biased at all!!!!!!!) and we were all very proud of her.
Here is the little superstar herself after the show. 
I posted this photo on facebook and a few people are saying we look like triplets??? I don't see it to be honest.
Next morning we had coffees and fries in Murphy's Law and got on the road back to Dublin. 

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