Saturday, 1 October 2016

Pigsy at the Kemp Gallery "I find you Fascinating"

My brother in law is currently in final preparation mode for his first ever solo exhibition of his wonderfully chaotic artworks.  This evening he was in the gallery working on his last piece for the show and Enid and I called to see if we could help out - not with the painting obviously!!!!
Artist at work!
Enid and Ciaran with the piece he was working on tonight in the background.
He uses a combination of mediums including spray paint and oil paint on stretched canvas.

This is the exhibition space.  It has been freshly painted white to show off the paintings.  This evening the floor was also being painted a dark grey (colour chosen by Ciaran who is an architect by day).

Enid and I got stuck into some work, cleaning and polishing.

Afterwards the artist, the painting team and the team of cleaners (Enid and I!) enjoyed some pizza and sodas which Ciaran had ordered in for us.

At the moment this is the only photo of his work that I have.  I guess you will just have to call into the gallery yourself to see the full collection!
His exhibition opens on the 6th of October and is on display for 6 weeks in the KEMP Gallery on South Frederick Street.  If you do go I'd encourage you to talk with the gallery proprietor who can talk you through Ciaran's inspiration for each painting - I love Ciaran's work from a visual perspective but when I learn more about what is behind each one's creation I will say I find it incredibly moving and emotionally affecting!   


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