Sunday, 30 October 2016

Saturday brunch

It's a bank holiday weekend here in Ireland.  It's also Halloween and the marathon is on - there is always a good atmosphere around the end of October in Dublin. 
Enid and I were overdue a catchup with our friend Alice so we arranged to meet in the rooftop restaurant in M&S on Grafton Street early on Saturday morning - Grafton Street was lovely, not too packed with people and even at that time some great buskers out entertaining.
I just love their pastries!

How cute is this gingerbread with the tiny gingerbread men on top?!

Myself and the gals.  Alice, Enid and I have been best friends since we were 7 years old and it's always great to see them.  A lot of our conversation was about the big trip we are planning to take in November 2017 (for our 40ths),  We started talking about this trip about 18 months ago, and it is very exciting to think that we are literally on the one year countdown now!  That time will fly I am sure - 18 months ago seems about 2/3 months ago looking back.

Later that afternoon Enid and I called into The Kemp Gallery to see Ciaran's exhibition.  I love modern art, and his stuff really reminds me of the New York graffiti/street artist Jean Michel Basquiet's work.  I'm really really tempted to buy a piece - I think it would look incredible on the big high ceilinged wall above my fireplace - but it's a big purchase...I need to think about it some more.

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