Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The week in pictures...

Since I got back from holidays about a week ago I've been terribly lazy about blogging. That's going to change!  I promise.  But to ease my way back in I am going to do one of my little "cheat" posts showing what I've been up to

On Saturday I dropped into my brother in law's art exhibition at the Kemp Gallery where Ciaran was doing some live painting.
I Find You Fascinating is Ciaran's (aka Pigsy) first solo exhibition and I was really impressed with it.
Look at the colours on the pic he's working on!

I browsed my favourite little antiques dealership which is down a lane at the side of The Abbey Theatre (doesn't sound dodgy at all does it!),  I really like this little kitchen table and chairs set...

I adore this unit!!!  And at only €45 it's a nice price but unfortunately I have nowhere for it.

After the heat of the Middle Eastern desert my hair was pretty dry at the ends, so I went to the hairdresser and got about 4/5 inches chopped off.  It feels a lot shorter :-( but my hair grows pretty fast, it'll be back nice and long before I know it!

Drinking espresso and getting a new name bestowed on me by my local Starbucks staff.  Lol

My home bar is now complete with the addition of a wine rack up the top (from Ikea) which I spray painted white to match the shelving.

With the Dail back in session there is something going on outside my apartment at Government Buildings every day.  This was today on my way to work.


  1. I love those table and chairs!!! Ho much?!

    And how cute the way he displayed it with the picture behind.