Thursday, 12 January 2017

New year sales

New year and some nice little bargains picked up in the New Year sales!
Do you remember I posted previously about this stunning dress that I saw in Dunnes before Christmas? 
Well I got it online at 60% off!

It doesn't look that special hanging up here does it?!

But this is it when I tried it on before Christmas. 
How great is this? 
Just need somewhere to wear it sure something will come up, and when it does I have this perfect dress ready and waiting!
And the other bargain buy in the New Year sales was plane tickets to Key West.  Alice, Enid and I are booked and set for the big trip in November! 
We will fly into Miami where we will do the cool drive down to the Keys.  And then nothing more to be done then just relax in paradise.

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