Sunday 22 January 2017

Blonde on brown

This has to be one of my favourite photos of Enid and I ever.  You know that phrase "I remember it like it was yesterday", well about this pic, it's true. 
We are sitting at the bar of Caroline's on Duval Street in Key West - it was coming close to the end of our holiday and we had gone to the bar specifically for a drink to meet with our friend who worked there on the bar, he has (young) twin daughters so twins was always a topic of conversation when we chatted.  It was cool and relaxed and we were both happy, and this photo captures that.
Anyway the reason I am posting it is my hair colour.  For a while now I've felt my hair is a little flat and colourless.  And while the photo above IS from maybe 10 years ago (eek!) and we are tanned from the Key West sun when I look at it it always make me think of going back to some blonde.

So on Friday I took that plunge!

My hair stylist Lau seemed happy with the colour as he took about a million photos of it!

I am pretty happy with it too.
It looks a bit lighter here.  To be honest it is probably even lighter in real life...  And probably lighter than I intended.  But you know my hair, it grows crazy fast.  I never panic about a hair cut or colour I don't like.





  1. Your hair looks great. Knowing Enid, I doubt that was your first drink that day in Key West !!!