Thursday 4 January 2018

Bargain of the year!

It emerges that Aer Lingus do a very nice little price on a 500ml bottle of Jameson on their flights from the US to Dublin.  Well at least I think it is not available on Dub to the US but please don't quote me on that!
€10 for this little bad boy
This afternoon I was around in my local Tescos and I threw my eye over the Jameson to see how it compares.  And the answer to that is that it compares more than favourably.
€10.99 for a 200ml bottle (or nagin as Irish people call it??)
€17.25 for a 350ml bottle. And approx. €28 for a 750ml bottle.
I am very happy with my bargain tenner for 500mls!

Another little bargain are these two cutie nutcrackers which I picked up for my mother in the local Wicker Park Walgreens.
I just fell in love with the little gingerbread fella - look at the little teeny gingerbread men in his basket!!!  But then I saw this other guy and I couldn't leave him behind either.  Walgreens had 50% off all their Christmas stock so these two were the same price as one before Christmas.
Aren't they adorable?

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