Sunday 21 January 2018

Ikea haul

My sister Katie was home for the weekend so we arranged to go to Ikea and hang out together.
First up was breakfast!  That slice of Daim cake is NOT mine!  I did have a bite of it though :-)
I only wanted a few things - mainly picture frames actually. And of course I ended up with a  few things more when I got to the cashier.  But overall I was happy - it was only €30 for all of this.  I am very happy with the table top ironing board as my current ironing board is in terrible shape, plus it is a complete pain trying to get it in and out of the storage cupboard.

I used two of the picture frames for some Key West related pics.
On the left is a shell found on the ocean floor near the Atocha on one of Mel Fisher's salvage expeditions.  It was given to me as a birthday gift and I love it so much.
And on the right is a print of Hemingway House
I am looking forward to visiting it (and everything else in Key West. Fishing!!) again this coming May!

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