Sunday 27 October 2019

Back to the Future

It has NOT been a good week in terms of home cooking for this household.  Having no food in the fridge was obviously key to this issue but also: Because Fantasy Fest!  We ate out a lot this week.  

And while this was obviously pretty enjoyable (and yummy etc etc), I am happy to report we are getting back to normal.  And it feels good.

Did a supermarket shop this morning and the fridge is now fully stocked with lots of good food for the week ahead - in particular the freezer is now full of proteins.

So tonight it was a celebration in style of home cooking.  Steak and lobster claws! Woohoo!

And doesn't it look good!
On the side, a little bit of garlic dipping butter for the lobster, and barbecue sauce for the steak, it was delectable perfection.

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