Monday 7 October 2019

SV Argo Navis - Key West - a unique and magical experience

Where to begin to describe the beautiful sunset sail I was on yesterday? There is nothing like being out on the water on a boat, and the SV Argo Navis takes that to the next level. A stunningly beautiful boat with plenty of room to move around and enjoy lots of different areas/views. Wonderful friendly staff who work so hard to ensure you enjoy everything - mindfully serving the snacks (describing them in sumptious detail), wine, beer,  all while manning the boat's beautiful big sails. And how about those sails! When the boat is running on sails alone it is a magical experience. 
The food is delicious - local breads, delicious cheese and charcuterie. And very well chosen wine and beer to perfectly accompany and enhance.

This sunset sail is unique - the other rowdy sunset sail party boats are good fun when the time is right - the time is always right for a sail on the Argo.

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