Monday 25 November 2019

Hook, line and sinker

We had such a phenomenal day yesterday with our friends Garrett and Katrina out on their boat.

The picked us up at noon and while on the way to the marina we stopped at Sandy's cafĂ© and picked up some Cuban sandwiches for on the boat.  Next stop was Jolly's liquor store in Stock Island and we were set!

We all had a great day, reeling in fish after fish, after fish.  All throwbacks in the main.  Aside from two that the lady anglers in our party caught :)

First up (top left) was a sheepshead fish that I baited.  No I did not make that name up!  See here. It fought such a hard battle that at one point I thought my reel was broken - I could not move it - and Katrina hopped in to check and took over it reeling it in.  So it was a joint catch!

And then!  Near the end of the day (look at that sunset) I landed a beautiful yellow tail snapper which we broke out the measuring tape for.  It was 11 inches! One inch shy of the 12 inch limit for keeping.  Nice note to end on!

Ps.  Hook, line, and sinker.  It's that simple.  That's all you need.
A boat is handy too :)

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