Monday 25 November 2019

Key Lime Pie party!

I really wish I blogged this right after the event as it would really capture the joy I felt with life at that exact moment in time!

Last week I hosted a cute little event in work - a key lime pie get together!

It all started when I realized how many birthdays were occurring in November.  Mine is the 12th, the GM of the hotel is the 22nd.  When I was telling this to Jordan, our food and bev manager, he told me that his birthday was the 23rd.  And that it was his 30th!  Well that was that, I decided on the spot I would do something to mark the occasion.

I started pulling together a list of some of the things  we had to celebrate.  It ended up something like this.

And on the day our table looked like THIS!

It was a really lovely get together.  Nice to have all departments take a little break and socialize together, making a change from us just working (to keep our little hotel going and all our guests happy during their stays with us) alongside each other.

The boss made a nice speech - using my list as a prompt and then talking about the good stuff, and the challenges, we have as a business coming up soon and in the new year.  It was a good inspirational talk as all good leaders do!  Nice one Abe :) And then he made special mention, sniffle, to me and the event I had organized.  Some really really nice words, sniffle sniffle, I'm not really the most emotional person but jeepers I nearly cried that day.  I muttered back something along the lines of "well I love all you guys, ...and I just love this job ...and coming in to work every day" (a) most un-Irish of me...I am bad about talking about how I feel and (b) so so so true.  I do love my job.

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