Sunday 17 November 2019

Ribs Recipe

 Can we take a moment to appreciate. just how nicely my local butcher (which is conveniently called The Local) wraps your meat purchase in beautiful crisp brown paper and string.   Just like old school Ireland! I love it.

We made the barbeque marinade ourselves! A nice little mix of olive oil, soya sauce, barbecue sauce and grain mustard.  And a little siracha pepper for HEAT!  I need my heat :)

How great does the marinade look slathered all over the lovely meat?!

Also, such a novelty to be cooking on the grill on the top shelf of the barbecue compared with straight on to the grill.  The tinfoil is there to catch the drips of fat from the meat/sauce so as to prevent fire/flare ups.

So that was the plan!  But does life always go to plan?! Heck no!

15 minutes after putting the ribs on the grill the propane ran out!!!

So a quick switch up was made, I transferred the meat to our 1970s oven (ugh!). I put the quinoa on to boil, stir fried the veg and ta-dah!

Thanks be to the did not turn out too bad at all in the end.

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