Monday 15 March 2021

New shoes

 Two years ago when I started work in Key West I bought myself a lovely pair of Michael Kors shoes.  Blush pink/nude, perfect size heel and so comfortable.  For some time now however, they have been looking older and scruffier than I like to admit.  I will post a photo below.  I am embarrassed showing this photo but for posterity I will - has to be said though, they show worse in the photo than in real life.  I promise!

So! For some time now I have been looking for a replacement for them.  Actually not any old replacement, I wanted that exact pair again.  They really were just perfect.  Am still mad I simply did not buy them in duplicate or triplicate two years ago.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I've been searching all over the net and also in Ross and TJ Maxx whenever I am in there.  Nothing. Nil. Nada.  Until finally, I find them (or a style similar anyway), in a crazy sequin style.  I go ahead and order and you know I have to say I am reasonably happy.  The heel is perfect.  They were not as comfortable from Day One but after only two or three days of wearing they were broken in.  And the hotel guests love them, every day I get compliments about them. Here's hoping I get another two years out of them!

I promise you they were not as bad in real life.  
Ok.  Moving swiftly on.  Please see the new shoes below


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