Sunday 21 March 2021

News alert

How cute is this little news post that Patrick posted on his facebook on St Patrick's Day?

For posterity, here are some pics of the Big Day:

I am joking calling it the big day.  It was so small and lowkey.  Just the two of us. In the courthouse on Whitehead Street. The courthouse is just around the corner from the hotel where I work so we popped around to it.  We told my boss and he bought us a fancy cocktail in the hotel's fancy bar and toasted us best wishes.  And then afterwards we went for dinner - just the two of us, tapas and martini's in one of our favourite restaurants (Martin's).  And that was it! Perfect really.

Kind of funny.  We both left work at about 4.15pm and met at the courthouse for 4.30pm.  I wore the same dress I wore to work that day.  And I went through the whole ceremony wearing my name badge as seen in the photo above!!! I noticed it after our officiant snapped a few pics so had to ask her to take a few more, minus the name badge. 

Ok, that really is it!  Message me if you need any more detail. But I don't think there is anything else to tell to be honest.

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