Wednesday 28 April 2021

Long weekend on the water!

Sunday morning: Crab traps - it is coming to the end of the stone crab season (sob, sob, sniffle, sniffle) so when we checked the crab traps (4 big claws!), we brought three traps back to shore in the baby boat.  We gave them a hose down on the dock and when we brought them home we gave them a further two good hoses with the power washer.

Sunday afternoon: Went to a sandbar with friends in their boat.  We were exhausted when we got home!! The sun and the water just drains you - in the best possible way.  We ordered pizza for dinner and that tells it's own tale of how tired we were.  We almost NEVER eat/order pizza.

Monday morning (Yep, Patrick took a day off work, and Monday's are always my Sunday): Fishing! Like loopers, we spent waaaay too long out there chasing the big one and when we got home for lunch, guess what, we were starving and pretty zonked.

Monday afternoon:  But we are warriors, we pushed on through and at 4pm we cycled down to the historic seaport and went out for a three hour snorkel trip.  It was just beautiful out there.  What a great experience viewing the reef and all the amazing fish.  And then a few drinkies on the way back in - plus we caught sunset from the boat.  It really was just a fantastic experiential and fun trip.  It was 8pm when we docked so we went to a new to us restaurant (Off the Hook) and shared a lovely light dinner of hogfish.

A spectacular long weekend all round! And boy, did we sleep great that night!

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