Monday 27 February 2023

More bathroom pics and stories for all you Mid Century Florida home fans out there

A tale of two bathroom lights...

Our house was built in 1953 and I was never so happy to see the original tiles in the bathroom.  The wc, sink and bath did not make it, but heck, you take what you can, eh!

These lights...hmmm....not sure what era they are purporting to be from?

Yeah.  I am not mad on them.

From the day we moved in, only one of them has ever been working.  I was convinced that it was a problem with the actual light fitting - if I recall correctly, I did do some investigation and changing of bulbs back then.

Then last week, that one single working light's bulb blew.  I went to Home Depot and bought some new bulbs: they are the funniest little small narrow lenghts of  halogen bulbs. Cost $9.99 for two. Surprise, surprise, I installed the two into the fittings and we had TWO operational lights for the first time ever!

But omg, were they bright!!!  Far, far too bright.  Particularly in the middle of the night if you didn't want to be awoken if you needed to use the bathroom.  So, in the end I ended up taking out one of the light bulbs and holding on to as a spare..
🤔 Hmmm.  Maybe the previous people had the same experience and that is why there was only ever one light in operation.

Oh and also!  Those two big bright lights sure showed off how bad of a housekeeper I am.  So that was a chore for me this weekend: intensive, deep, clean of the bathroom.  Done.

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