Monday 6 February 2023

Lost. One pair of birkenstocks

On foot of (excuse the pun, lol!), my most recent big house and bedroom clean up I realized that I'm missing a pair of goldey/bronzey birkenstocks.

Aside. I've just learned, thank you google, that "on foot of" is an Irish idiom!!!! Whaaaatt?? No one else says this? Comment below, do you use this phrase?

Okay. Back to the story.  So while I've been waiting for my birks to turn up I bought this (not birkenstocks) pair below.

Ha! I brought them home and Patrick haaaaated them. Said they look like I had visited the ER and had two foot injuries. Lol. He's not too wrong on second look to be fair 🤣🤣

He did give me a good suggestion though...could I dye or paint them?
Well! Here's the answer. 

They'll do!

1 comment:

  1. It really does look like you have bandaged feet. LOL.