Monday 27 February 2023

Cudjoe Sales Fisherman's Warehouse

Talk about bad luck! For the first time ever in three years we decided to leave our rods overnight on the boat last weekend.  And guess what, the normally really safe and secure, yacht club had a break in that night.  Rods taken from our boat plus a number of other boats had some missing items too (fancy coolers and the like).  Luckily our garmin/sat nav was not taken.

So this Saturday, we went out to Cudjoe Sales and Patrick bought us nice Penn fishing rods.

Our two trolling rods (big and heavy) are on the left and the two new Penn rods on the right.

Because I am a big spender I bought:
1. A whistle which is a piece of safety kit you are required to have onboard. (We have an air horn at the moment which satisfies the requirement but no harm having more items for catching attention - we also have flares onboard).
The whistle cost the grand sum of $1.99

2. A decal/fish measure.  Cost $8.99

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