Sunday 28 July 2013

Shout - Tivoli Theatre, Dublin

Myself, Katie (little sister) and Enid went to a musical in the Tivoli Theatre last night.  It was Katie's treat!  She'd just received her first pay cheque in her first real job and she said she'd like to spend money on something we'd all enjoy.  "I'm a working woman now" :-) 
Thank you Katie!

The storyline of Shout is a little "light" in one sense and convoluted in another.  It tells the story of 5 women in swinging sixties London interloping their stories through the aid of a women's magazine (Shout), and what turns out to be unhelpful and antiquated advice from the magazines resident agony aunt. "A new hairstyle may help you feel different"(!!!!) etc etc

Storyline aside, the songs which we came to hear all delivered.  
A lot of Dusty Springfield.  Which was great - we Bebbington's are BIG Dusty fans! 
The cast were terrific - some fantastic voices for some big numbers.

Tickets were approximately €30 which I think is extremely good value for a Saturday night show in a small theatre.  A big show/musical in the O2 would be at least thrice that.  
However, the theatre was only about 1/3 full...I do wonder how they make any money on it at all though.

Some photos below capture the night I think.

I think the little box office is adorable.

I also enjoy looking at old posters advertising the shows over the years.  While the Tivoli was built in 1934 it was originally a cinema, it was converted and opened as a theatre just in 1988 - read about its interesting history here.

Quick shot in front of the set during the interval

A great cast - terrific singers.

Sneaky shot of Katie on stage before we departed the theatre


  1. I worked in a theater that did live shows for years... I often stood just where your little sister did, and "imagined"! Never would have had the guts, though!