Saturday 6 July 2013

Garden furniture - for the Irish "summer" :-)

Some lovely sunny weather has been forecast in Ireland for next week or so - what a treat!

On the basis of this I decided to treat myself to some new (inexpensive) garden furniture.  These chairs are all over Key West - mainly nice wooden versions but the supermarkets also stock the plastic kind. I had seen them in a shop in the Blanchardstown Centre for €29.95 and today I said heck, it's sunny I need them!

They only had two left in the whole shop.  I wasn't mad on either colours intially: I had imagined getting two brown colours.  But now that I have them at home I really like them.  They remind me of Florida - very tropical.  I am going to get cushions for them, maybe stripey white, lime and pink colours which will tie them together.

They are as comfortable as I remember them in Key West.  And Harry likes them too :-)

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