Tuesday 16 July 2013

An Oige Hostel, Dublin City (Old St Joseph's Convent)

I recently attended a course in the An Oige youth hostel in Dublin.  It's a funny location for a work course in my opinion.  While the room was perfectly adequate (good size conference room) that it was in a hostel was just not to my liking.

Youth hostels tend to be classed as budget accommodation for a reason - they are rough and ready - perfect for youths, independent travellers and budget conscious travellers.  

This particular hostel is located in the old St Joseph's convent and it very much 
reminded me of my old school!!!!

One thing that I liked was the dining facilities which were in the old church.  


  1. Found your blog thru Key West Lou's. Always wanted to visit Ireland so I will be reading.

    1. Hello FarKnight! Delighted to hear this. Happy reading :-) and I hope you get to visit Ireland some day!