Sunday 11 August 2013

A shaving tip for the ladies - this will change your life!

Maybe this is a well known tip and y'all will be like "yeah Amy, been doing that for years, tell us something we don't know" but anyone I have shared it with (okay the ONE person - my twin sister) has tried it and been completely amazed and confirms it works for them.

 Soooo before I tell you the tip let me tell you the background for coming up with the idea... I was reading a discussion forum and some men were chatting about razors and blades they use etc. The reason I was reading it was because one thing that irks me is the cost of razor blades and shaving foam - I think they are expensive, and personally I always thing that ladies stuff seems more expensive than mens. Seems to me once it's packaged pink the prices goes up.

 Anyhoo in one of the discussions a man noted how he gets months longer out of his razors by rubbing them DOWN a pair of denim jeans. Apparently this cleans the blade (removes hairs that are still there after rinsing, plus it pparently keeps the blades sharp).

 This is what got me thinking. And got me trying out something new in the shower next time I shaved my legs

Here it is!
After every shaving stroke UP - i.e. from ankle to knee - rather than just rinsing off my blade and going for another stroke up, instead what I immediately do is stroke back DOWN.

 To explain better:
First stroke (up)
Handle is pointing up (i.e. you are pulling the razor up your leg)
Second stroke (down)
Handle is still pointing up but this time you just push the razor DOWN your leg. 

Does that make sense??

And basically I continue that around my whole leg. At the end of the whole up, dowm, up, down process I finally rinse my razor.

 The benefits: Speed!!!! It is sooooo quick to give you leg a shave over
Efficiency: it seems that pushing the razor down your leg clears the cut hairs better than rinsing. Strange eh!! Who'dve thunk it!

 Now, one pointer though: this only works if you shave your legs regularly. I find it so quick that I literally do the up, down, up, down process every shower or every second shower.
 I don't think this will be efficient on a heavy leg growth...but who knows, you could give it a try I guess.
But my suggestion would be is give your legs a good shave and then start my process during every shower from then on.

Okay so what are your thoughts??
Have you ever heard of this before?
Will you try it?

Let me know how you get on! 

Oh and btw, if the above is not clear and you have questions just let me know.
Or if you need some photo instructions, also just let me know!

Ps. I also find this lifehack works best with a conditioner or a showergel or a shampoo...not with an expensive thick shaving foam.  So there you go!