Saturday 24 August 2013

Credit union - into the 21st century!

As you might know from my previous post we are planning a big home decor job.  So in preparation for this (and all the money we'll be spending) I needed to move some of my savings from my credit union account to my regular banking account.

Credit Unions are very popular here in Ireland - according to this page 75% of the Irish population are credit union members.

Anyhoo I don't go into my credit union often (if ever), instead I just have a standing order for an automatic transfer into it every month.
So I went in and first thing I saw was a sign saying that if you wanted to withdraw over €1,500 in cash you need to give 3 days notice - that's okay I didn't mind getting a draft or a cheque.  However when I spoke with the girl at the counter she said I could do it by bank transfer and I'd have it in my account by Tuesday.  (Compared to Friday if I got a cheque).

So all good!  Three minutes later I was leaving the building all done and dusted.

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