Sunday 4 August 2013

London Day 2

Up nice and early and on to the Tube with a cup of a coffee and a copy of the free Metro paper.  
Look at me like a local :-)

First stop was Covent Garden where the London Transport Museum is located.  Before going into the museum we enjoyed pottering around the lovely shops and the sights and sounds of Covent Garden

The next three photos are from the London Transport Museum.  Unfortunately I would not recommend this museum unless you have children.  I thought it was expensive - £15 - we only spent about an hour there. I also thought it was low on detail and information and also extremely extremely confusing to follow the route around the museum.  
There was a great exhibition of posters from the Underground over the years which was great but when we came out of the exhibition we found that we had missed a whole section of the museum which we had to go back to.
Some great full size old buses etc but not great information on each.
Overall very very disappointing :-(


Just a small town girl :-)
Completely impromptu ,upon passing the Garrick Theatre, we decided to go to Rock of Ages!!!

We really landed on our feet: we chose "restricted viewing" seats which were the cheapest ticket available.  While the girl on the desk had explained to us what this transpired that it really was very restricted... Oh dear :-(
So one minute to show start time I ran out and asked could we just move up the back where there were empty seats.  The girl was very nice, although very straight "I told you about them!!!!!" (Me: I know! I know! But we just didn't know howwww bad).
So apparently, normally they charge you an additional "upgrade" charge but she kindly just gave us two unoccupied seats (in the middle) which we could take.
Seriously though: Thank you Garrick!!!!!

The show:
Amazing! Amazing! AMAZING!!!!!
I am still overwhelmed how brilliant it was.  Every single cast member was phenomenal. The production was superb. While every cast member was great special mention must go to the lead (Sherrie) - great singer and actress who captured the naievty of a "small town girl" and the wonderful Lonny/narrator who was just fantastic to watch and amazingly comedic.
Again: Thank you Garrick!!!

After another quick tube ride home to shower and change, and then we nipped back into to town to meet Kasey and her friends for cocktails in the Soho Hotel.

We then went to Burger & Lobster for dinner.  There are only 3 items on the menu; burger, whole lobster, lobster roll.  Kasey, 
Enid & I got one of each and shared which was great.
My order of preference was lobster roll, burger, whole lobster.

We then went to a nice cocktail bar/restaurant across the road where the barmen didn't mind me posing with the soda water bottle :-)

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  1. LOVE the music in Rock of Ages, pretty cool that you got to see it!