Saturday 17 August 2013

I made a funny! I made a funny!

I have invented a joke!

However, I fear it is a "local" joke that my international friends and followers may not get it.

So before I tell the joke let me give you a bit of a an Irish "lingo" lessson.

Here in Ireland we use a word to describe fun - craic.
So describing a night out you might say "it was good craic".  You might also say about something like "ah sure isn't it a bit of craic"
It's a commonly used word here in Ireland and everyone knows what it means.

Okay so the next bit is important for the joke!
It also can be used as a type of greeting/salutation
e.g. "What's the craic?"  Or "How's the craic" Or "Any craic"
A bit like "What's up" I guess.....

Here is the joke!

A duck walks into a bar.
"Any quack" says the bartender.

You get it?!