Saturday 11 January 2014

I made oopsie bread

I have no idea why it is called oopsie bread!  But ultimately it is an LCHF bread substitute.

The three ingredients I used were eggs, cream cheese and salt.  You can get full recipe and and loads of other interesting stuff on the diet doctor's page here.

So the below pictures are a summary of my oopsie bread journey.  
I have put a few comments about each pic down below.

1. Splitting yolks and whites is stressful. Phew.
2. Yolks and cream cheese is mixed up.
3. & 4. You end up with a very liquid mixture
5. The egg whites need to be mixed very very stiff!!!
6. And then folded into the yolks trying to avoid getting rid of the air
7.  I need to work on my sizing of the oopsie on to the baking tray :-)
8.  Lovely and golden!
9. Oopsie bread with butter, topped with cheese and prosciutto ham. 


1 comment:

  1. Oh my! They sound so good stuffed with meat and cheese.