Sunday 23 February 2014

Breakfast recommendations - Dublin

Okay so here are two of my top recommendations for breakfast in Dublin.

If you want a fantastically flavoured greasy humongous breakfast then get yourself into Hobarts in Ranelagh.  See top left and bottom right pics above.
They do good coffee too! 

But if you want a fantastically flavoured full of feelgood type of breakfast you need to try out the Fumbally Cafe. They don't have a huge menu but my god what they have on it is great.  
They do good coffee too!
But be warned, they don't open on Sunday's :-(


  1. I haven't been to Dublin yet, but it is very high on our list! I hope I get to go soon!

    1. Well you are so close...and Ryanair flights are so cheap...just saying :-)