Saturday 8 February 2014

Homeless in Dublin - Emergency shelter/Civil Defence hostel

On the news tonight there was a report on a temporary hostel for homeless people being ran currently by the Civil Defence (in the Civil Defence HQ, Wolfe Tone Quay).

Due to the bad weather (cold and rain) and due to the amount of people homeless on the streets of Dublin the Civil Defence have been requested to run an emergency/temporary hostel.

It makes me sad to think of the homeless problem we have, but it was heartening to see the support and set-up by the Civil Defence.  They have a big hall with 20 camp beds. Every tenant for the night gets a towel, soap, shampoo (showers on site) and a sheet, pillow, blanket and sleeping bag.  As the Civil Defence man said "it's not the Ritz, but....."    

But it must be so much better than sleeping on the streets.  They also are provided with soup, sandwich and tea or coffee.

The temporary hostel will probably run for another two weeks over the cold spell.   And after that it is back on to the streets :-(

See comments below - scheduled to run until the end of March


  1. Accommodation is in Dublin Civil Defence HQ, Wolfe Tone Quay, not the Phoenix Park.

    1. Thanks for the correction. If you are involved in the hostel fair play.

  2. Scheduled to be open till the end of March too....

  3. wow, this seems like a good start. Perhaps some good ideas will occur and some long term assistance will be offered . . (idealistic, i know . . but, it's nice to hope.)

  4. I saw this piece on the news too. Excellent efforts from Civil Defence. Wish there was a long term solution.

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  6. looks like extended till end of April