Thursday 6 February 2014


For the last three weeks a large debate about homophobia, gay marriage and gay adoption has been raging.

It all started when a man named Rory O'Neill (alter ego Panti Bliss) was interviewed on a primetime chat show RTE's "The Saturday Night Show" and spoke about the homophobia he encounters in his life and sees in newspapers etc.

When asked to name these homophobic people by the presenter (Brendan O'Connor) he named Breda O'Brien, John Waters and The Iona Institute.  He then finished with the immortal line "FECK OFF OUTTA MY LIFE IONA INSTITUTE".

Post this interview (and extremely quickly!!!) RTE apologised on tv to the named people and paid a large sum of money (apparently €85k) to them all.

In response to all of the above this is what Panti has to say - I URGE you to take 10 minutes out of your life to watch it.  I truly believe it is a hugely important speech for gay rights and my god did it break my heart.

You can also click here for a link to Panti's video.

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