Saturday 22 March 2014


Have you heard about the #nomakeupselfie trend which is currently viral on facebook?

It seems to be in reaction to (in my opinion, the very silly) online drinking game neknominate.  The concept is that you upload a selfie of yourself with no makeup in order to increase Breast Cancer awareness.

Well! At least that was the original concept.  It subsequently has turned into a trend of uploading a "no makeup selfie" PLUS making a donation to a cancer charity.  
This I think is brilliant!  Being completely honest when I saw the first few selfies going around (with no donation) I didn't see the point of this trend at all.  I really don't see how a picture of your friend on facebook is "raising Breast Cancer awareness".....

So how much money has been raised?!
Well currently this viral trend has raised nearly €500k and it is still rising!

So! Here is my selfie:

Plus here is a copy of my donation:

And finally here is my tip for making sure you carry out regular breast checks/for increasing awareness of Breast Cancer:
Most hair conditioners work better if you leave them in for 2/3 minutes before rinsing.
Why not use this time to carry out your breast check?

I got this idea from a really cool funky hair condition that had instuctions to leave in for 4/5 minutes and they suggested "shave your legs in that time".  
Well I think all hair conditioners should carry the suggestion to do a breast check in that time :-)

Are you on facebook?

Why not start this viral trend in your country?!


  1. Thanks for the explanation. I've seen so many of the selfies on FB and kept thinking how on earth that was making any difference. I think if you make a donation it is a completely different story.

  2. I'm glad you explained this to me too. I just noticed it yesterday on FB.