Sunday 2 March 2014

Seafood starter

I had neighbours over for dinner last night which was really lovely.
For mains I made steak and chips with green beans and baton carrots.  For starters I intended buying some party food from M&S and just throwing it in the oven.

But strangely enough they only do their party food at Christmas :-(
So I had to make my starter :-(

First I got all my glassware arranged.  The mini glasses are actually schnaps glasses from Ikea.  I have always wanted mini martini glasses but they are so expensive, so these are a great compromise.
In the middle of the tray I have two little mini kiln jars which I think are so cute!  I filled these up with hummus from M&S.
The mini little tea spoons were given to me by a school friend - via facebook - I asked on fb did anyone know where I could buy mini spoons and she said she would post some to me (her husband is Turkish and they use these spoons with their tea/coffee which they serve in mini cups).  Wasn't that nice of her!  I love social media for things like this :-)

Mini Prawn Cocktail
Crackers & Peri Peri Hummus
Prawns & dip
Deconstructed Brown Bread & Salmon 
(If you'd like step by step instructions to make the salmon click here)

So that was the starter!  I wish I took a picture of the main because I had it laid out much nicer then the way I normally serve steak and chips - I had the chips laid out criss cross 3 on top of 3 etc.  Plus the beans and carrots were stacked nicely as well.

My neighbour Dee brought dessert.  Homemade from scratch!  
A pecan and redcurrant bakewell.  FABULOUS!
We also nibbled on some 60% dark chocolate which tasted very nice with the wine.

It was a lovely evening.  And bonus my head is okay this morning.


  1. Starters look amazing! Sounds like a great night. Your neighbor went to a lot of trouble with dessert - fair play to her!

  2. You did a great job! I love the presentation!