Sunday 19 April 2015

Clean 9 detox and LCHF lifestyle

A couple of months ago I wrote about my plans to start a Clean 9 detox (my main intention being weight loss) and that I would report back in 9 days.  Read about my plans and what the detox involved - here

As it happens on the very day I was due to start I woke up feeling ill so I postponed starting it on that day.  Then I had a work trip to Abu Dhabi so there was no point starting before that (as I would be then eating a lot in hotels/eating out on the trip), then February turned into /March, and of course then there was Easter (chocolate) and things went bad, very bad.

Long story short I hit my peak overweight weight about two weeks ago :-( It was time to do the detox and get a plan together for the remainder of the year/my life.  I have a big beach holiday in Mexico coming up in July and at a minimum I need to look good in a bikini for that.

So how did I find the Clean 9?

I will start with the good news - I lost between 5-7lbs (it fluctuated) and centimetres off my waist, hips, thighs and arms. So it was well worth doing it in my opinion, and I am very happy with the results as a start into the new healthy me.  The other good news is that I finished the detox on Wednesday evening and the weight has stayed off, so it was not just water weight etc.
Other good news is that it has got me into a great habbit of drinking water which I am going to keep up.

So big thumbs up for the results, hooray!  Even though other people lose more weight (7-9lbs) I achived what I wanted from this detox diet.  But I won't lie to you it was challenging.  Actually no, I lie, the first two days were AWFUL but after that the remaining 7 days were FINE.

The first day you take a combination of aloe vera gel (knock it back like a shot - I found holding my nose helped me!), garcinia tablets, bee pollen tablets, lots and lots of water, and one protein shake.  I was starving, absolutely starving, and I found that hard.  But that was only for 2 days.  

For day 6-9, you take the above, plus an additional protein shake (two in total) plus a <600 calorie evening meal.  I ate a piece of meat - either chicken or salmon with one sweet potato (microwaved and then cut into strips and placed under the grill).  I really really "enjoyed" the meal each evening.  If I was hungry at all during these days I just drank a big glass of water and that got rid of the hunger.

So all in all while I found Clean 9 challenging (from end to end) I am very happy with the results.  

I then went shopping for the diet I plan to now follow.  

Real food!

I am moving back to a LCHF lifestyle.  I have done it in the past - and wrote about it here - and I found it worked superbly for me.  I literally had No Cravings for chocolate or sugar.  The premise is that the fat satisfies you and removes the sugar longing.  I unfortunately fell off the wagon spectacularly and the result is I am here.  But I am feeling good, after the Clean 9 I feel I''ve made a good start and I am set up for success this time around. 

Wish me luck!

*If you would like to do your own Clean 9 detox contact Faith at Aloe Vera - Forever Living
I'd love to hear how you get on with your clean/lchf lifestyle!


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  2. That Clean 9 sounds like a great start to your weight loss. Would be perfect if you had an event like a wedding coming up, I think.