Sunday 26 April 2015

Vintage Birthday Barbie 1996

A while back I blogged about my collection of Barbie Dolls which I started collecting in about 1995 and am looking to sell or at least move on now.  To be honest the money isn't really that important to me.

I am having limited success with this exercise.  Their are not too many barbie collectors in Ireland and I am not inclined to post abroad.  So I need to come up with ways of "shifting" them. I may sell them at a bric-brac type sale coming which Enid and I have attended in the past.

I am also getting creative and giving them as gifts where possible.

It was my niece's birthday last week.  She was 8.  So she got 1996 Birthday Barbie as a present. 

Barbie goes all out on her birthday and rocks a full length, full skirted ball gown.  Go Barbie!

While it is in mint condition and is over 20 years old I am leaving it entirely up to my niece if she wants to keep it in the box or take it out and play with it.  I think it would be unfair to say to an 8 year old, it's vintage don't take her out of her box.

Pretty face


  1. Lovely present! Bet it will be out of the box as soon as she unwraps it!!

    1. Would love another blog with pictures of all your Barbies!!!

  2. I thought that Ciaran was going to buy them.