Wednesday 29 April 2015

Driving test day

Today one of my little sister's had her driving test.  I just sent her a text this morning to say Good Luck and left it that.  I figured she had enough of me telling her how to drive when I was in the car with her without me texting her about it too, plus she is a good little beginner driver so I would have bet she would pass.

Which she did!
Here she is straight after the test with her new N (novice) plates which replace her L (learner) plates. She's pretty happy as you can see.  

The N plates are a new thing in Ireland.  Back in my day you were a Learner on a Provisional licence until you got passed your test and got your real licence.  But they weren't too strict back then and you could drive unaccompanied on L plates etc.  Nowadays it is much stricter and you cannot drive unaccompanied as a Learner driver.  The test is more difficult now as well.  And now they have introduced these N plates.  I am not sure how long Katie will have to display these until she is a fully qualified driver.  Probably a year or so.

I got her a card and a silly little car gift to say Well Done ;-)


  1. Big congrats to your sister passing the driving test Dublin! We hope she has many years of safe driving in Ireland

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  3. Best wishes to your sister Katie, as she passed the driving test Dublin with flying colors. We believe she has ages of secure driving in Ireland.