Sunday 26 April 2015

A lovely Saturday

I woke yesterday to some pretty awful grey weather.  Hopped on the train up to mam's and by the  time I got off the train it was lashing cold rain. Ugh.

On the basis of the weather Katie and I drove out to Enid's rather than getting the bus.

We had a lovely morning eating a great spread that Enid put on (eggs and rashers) and lots and lots of coffee.  We even got into the hot tub even though it was raining which was really nice.

Then we visited to Rathmines and the local Dead Mall for a potter.  I suggested we might take in some charity shops as well (thrift stores in the US), I do like a nice rummage :-)

Nothing really good in the charity shop but I did get three books for €1 euro each.  Enid and Katie also got some books.

I also got these these adorable little flowery jug and sugar bowl for my mother!

How cute are these!  And also they were an incredible bargain at 50c each!!! Yep €1 for the two of these.

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