Monday 5 October 2015

Fidelity Record Player

Did you know that records are becoming fashionable and sales of vinyl are on the up?
Who is buying vinyl you wonder?  My theory is there are two groups of people - the sound aficionados who have always missed the pleasure of listening to music on a record and have finally gone back to it. And then the crazy loonies like myself who love vintage stuff.
Over the weekend I rang my mother querying where was the old record player from our house. She couldn't remember, said she hadn't seen it for years, and then she reminded me had I not taken it somewhere a couple of years ago.  That got me thinking.... And remembering....!
Today I went into work and over to the main building (where I last worked 4 years ago).  And there, tucked away in a press with a little helpful note (written by myself) I found the record player stashed away.
You will note that there is no year on my note!  So I am not really late picking it up.  Heck I could even be early :-)
On my way home I called into a vintage shop where I bought my cool vintage drinking glasses if you remember my blog post about them from a few weeks ago.  The selection was not great but I spent €4 on the 4 records.
It's a Fidelity record player and as you can see it's not in the best condition.  I'll clean it up a little this coming weekend.
How cool is it!  I'd estimate it as 1960/70's.
I was really looking forward to trying it and listening to the records until I saw....
I'll pick up a new plug in town tomorrow and hopefully it will work fine once I've got that sorted. 
Edit. I put a new plug on it today but it doesn't work.  I can hear some noises but the turntable is not turning, I think the motor is gone.

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