Thursday 15 October 2015

1st birthday of Jennifer Rothwell in Powerscourt

 Yesterday evening myself and cousin Kasey attended a lovely event in Powerscourt in town. It was an evening to celebrate the 1st birthday of Jennifer Rothwell in Powerscourt.
For those of you who follow my blog and my sisters blog you might recall that Enid and I went to opening of this store last year.  And that Enid has the most amazing Jennifer Rothwell hummingbird print dress - click hear to read all about it.
I adore Jennifer's silk dresses.  This is the lightest most beautiful silk and the print is incredible.
Both Kasey and I agreed that this jacket (Harry Clarke stained glass inspired) would go with lots of things in your wardrobe - jeans, leggings, little black dress.
This dress was GORGEOUS on Kasey!
Kasey felt a little uncomfortable because she wasn't sure if the lining was sitting right.  Jennifer, the designer, got right in there to fix it up for her.  So kind.  Jennifer mentioned that she can custom make the dress for your size.  Doesn't the back of this dress (the shape) look just as amazing as the front?? 
Now THIS was my absolute favourite.  Donegal tweed.  Felt light and soft but SO warm.  Doesn't it look beautiful??
Lovely ladies with their purchases.  I always love Jennifer Rothwell's bags!
This is the lovely designer.  She spoke really well, thanking everyone for coming and for supporting Irish design (90-95% of all items were made in Ireland).
It was a really nice evening with beautiful clothes.  The very best of luck for the next year of business to all in Powerscourt. 


  1. LOVE everything!!!

    Kasey looks great in the stunning dress and the coat really suits you. Jennifer Rothwell is so creative.

  2. Thanks for coming to the event delighted you enjoyed it! Jen x

  3. Thanks for coming to the event delighted you enjoyed it! Jen x