Saturday 24 October 2015

The birth of Blanchardstown Towncentre - photos

I have captured some photos for posterity -  that are mounted on the wall in the Blanchardstown Towcentre (in a corridor leading to the bathrooms on the top floor near Dunnes). 
They are all taken from different angles so difficult to compare exactly but no doubt they are a great record of the genesis of the towncentre.
I remember well the excitement when the towncentre opened in 1998 and I think the photos are wonderful to have.
October 1994
September 1995
June 1996 
September 1998 
January 2002 
April 2005
May 2009
September 2010
This is a pic of the wider Dublin 15 area.  The towncentre is right up the top of the photo (probably about 1cm squared in total) 

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